Thursday, November 27, 2008


As you all probably know, today is Thanksgiving. So prior to today, many kids have been answering this question: "What are you thankful for?" 

I was passing by my local bookstore the other day, and kids had written what they are thankful for on multi-colored paper leaves. Most kids wrote the same "my family and friends" or "my health." But I saw some funny one. I saw "Chocolate milk," "Oreos," and "Not going to the same school as my brother." (Okay, that last one was mine.) Well, it got me thinking, what am I thankful for?  Here is my list.
-Not going to the same school as my brother
-PI and, since today is Thanksgiving, PIE!!!
-And the generic stuff, like "my family and friends," "my health," "a good education," and stuff like that. 

And, since this entire post was inspired by the bookstore, I thought I would take a moment to tell you all about a book I got yesterday (and finished last night). It is called The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. It is about North America in the future, and I am not telling you any more than that. I don't usually like sci-fi books, but this is actually impossible to put down, and more realistic than you would think. READ THIS BOOK!

Hope everyone has a happy, food-filled, fun-filled, pi/pie-tastic Thanksgiving!



Annie said...

Lavvie, that's so weird! It's probably the bookstore that I think it is, so you should go to the free books & pizza. Did you see my leaf, that I'm thankful for books? LOL! And when I was at the last free books & pizza, I got the Hunger Games too! I finished it over the weekend. It's really good!


Bri said...

Oh! I just used my gift certificates that I got for my b-day and one of the books I got was The Hunger Games. But I havent tarted it yet. I started another book that I got called Skinned. I'm on pg. 32 and I love it!

Annie said...

You haven't tarted it yet...

itdependsontheday said...

um hi i saw ur comment on this is my secret and looked at ur blog which i think is cool. i just started the hunger games and i think its awesome. have u read the maximum ride series? i call it present day sci-fi. also read daniel x which s by the same author, and know u probably think im a weird stalker. ill leave. good-bye

Annie said...

Thanks! Yeah, I loooove Maximum Ride. =) It's awesome. I might try Daniel X. Thanks for commenting!

Oh, and I don't think you're a weird stalker 8D