Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tissue? I Hardly Even Know You!

Hiya, folks! Just wanted to say, I am recovering from a bite that one of my friends gave me! I am only frothing at the mouth slightly now, and people are no longer extremely alarmed, they are very alarmed! No, just kidding. But I did get bitten! It really, really hurt. I went to the nurse and I'm like, I bumped into a column. And she just gives me this weird look. It was all red with teeth-shaped bruises. The bruises are still there now. It's kinda funny once you think about it =)

I realized that I haven't properly introduced myself yet. My extremely random bestie Lavvie has already done it, and I know Bri's planning on doing it. Sooo, yeah. Let's get started!

Likes: piano, violin, randomness, reading, friends, randomness, Polyvore, blogging, randomness, computers, programming-- oh! and did I mention randomness?
Dislikes: mean people, bad books, ignorant people, know-it-alls, global warming, pollution

Favorite color: purple
Favorite food: ravioli, chevre
Favorite chocolate: all kinds, but Hershey and Godiva, milk
Favorite candy: I can't resist Reeses-- they're addicting =)
Favorite subject: science, French (comment TU trouves? c'est passionant et amusant, je pense)

Anything else? I'm very passionate about saving the environment. I love to read, play piano, and hang out with my friends. My dog is the cutest ever.

That's about it! ;-)

Oh, and about the title: whenever I ask my dad for a tissue, he says, "tissue? I hardly even know you!" (As in, "Kiss you?")




Lavinia said...

Who bit you?

Lavinia said...

and MY dog is 10X cuter.

Annie said...

You wouldn't know her-- Julia. And you posted that at 6:29 AM??!! BTW, I'm in Pittsburgh =)