Friday, November 28, 2008

So we gather 'round the table to give thanks for our family, health and... turkey candy??

After a morning of watching Macy's 82nd Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade (blah blah blah) and The National Dog Show (oh, so cute!), it felt good to gather round the table eating turkey and anticipating dessert, because obviously, dessert's the best part of every meal, and in my family, dessert is the main part of Thanksgiving. Before I describe dessert, though, let me tell you that I got out of eating green beans after they mysteriously appeared on my plate, twice.

Now, dessert: I ate:

  • two slices of apple pie (yum!)
  • four chocolate cookies (delicious!)
  • and a turkey cookie and a head. -------------->>
I know. Delicious.

You might be wondering why there is another turkey, made out of oreos, Hershey's kisses and candy corn. Well that's my mother's cousin's (aunt? cousin? 2nd cousin?) treat for us. I didn't try it, but my mom says it's good. Maybe I should try it.

So, all in all, I had a pretty yummy Thanksgiving.

I've more to post, but I should get this posted.



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