Monday, November 10, 2008

The iPod Human (And Other Awesome Videos)

Just back from Bat Mitzvah lessons, and here to show you, like, the awesomest video(s) ever (except for maybe SNL, but that's a different post).

One day, I was innocently surfing the net, when my random-fact-obsessed best friend called me and told me about this really funny video, by these college and high school aged kids named Ryan and Sean.. I watched it and was like cracking up. Let's see if you have the same reaction:

Yeah. You love it, I know. It's, like, impossible not to. "The iPod Human is light and portable and you can never lose it because it has a built-in alarm that goes off every three seconds!"

So, I began to look at their other videos. My favorites were his whole line of "How-To" videos. I'll post them. Here's How To Be Gangster:

Don't you love the part where Ryan's "singing" romantic songs and Sean's "rapping?" And how to be ninja:

"Finish him!" *fart*
And How to be Nerd:

"Stop that! Why do you always throw those-- aaah!"
And how to be Emo:

I think that's about it. But they have lots more funny videos! Check out their Youtube profile. Also, they are in a movie. The site has a synopsis, so don't ask me to explain it. Visit their site here.




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