Saturday, November 8, 2008

I am REALLY bored

So, you may have noticed that I changed my name to Annie N. Muus, because I'm cool. Like it? Know what word it sounds like? =)

Anyway, I am really bored so I was looking at my cousin's VERY old blog, SBlogtheSuperBlog. It's actually pretty funny, but she doesn't post on it anymore. Oh well, maybe I'll remind her. Anyway, I was reading it, and she gives funny advice. Here's a direct quote:

"If you really want to annoy someone, say in a really small and annoying voice, "world domination" say it over and over again. Eventually, people will get so angry you could lose your shoe. (make sure you don't like your shoes that day)"

Take it to heart. It could be useful sometime.

world domination world domination world domination world domination world domination

Did it work? Did i-- AAAH! *ducks to avoid flying shoe*

I'm pretty sure that it was based on a true experience...

Randomly (And Annoyingly),


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