Saturday, November 29, 2008


OK, I just got this amazing book. It's called Simply Sublime Bags: 30 No-sew, Low-sew Projects. It has a lot of really fun bags you can make. I made the "Caution!" one, and it turned out to be amazing! I made a few edits, though. Instead of using a zipper, I sewed on a button. I bordered it in black. The bag is made from "Caution" tape layered on top of yellow duct tape. The "sewing" is stapling the sides, then covering the staples with duct tape. It looks amazing and is now my new pencil case. How many people do you think will believe I made it?

I went shopping today. We went to one of my favorite stores, but didn't get anything. But then we went to the Gap, and I got... CONVERSE!!!!!!!! I am uber-excited, as you can tell. PI! PI! PI! PI! PI! 3.14159265358979323846263338327!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry. I am very excited.




Annie said...

This time, PLEASE note the changes I made and use them next time. Thanks.

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Lavinia said...

UPDATE: I made a vinyl purse and a Hershey Pencil Case for my friend.