Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Trying to Walk like a Normal Human-- And Failing

My dad goes on a site called Metafilter. I have no idea of the address, and I don't really care. So one day, he was on this site, and he found a game. Beware that, before I give you the link, that it is a highly addictive game. Believe me, and I say it with utter conviction. Believe. Me.

Okay. Are you ready? But-- before I give you the link, let me tell you a bit about it. It's supposedly an Olympic running game, but "training funds were low." In the instructions (the question mark in the upper left corner), it explains that it is possible to run like a normal human being, with skill and practice. I'm not sure, but I think I've figured it out, though you should try the game several times before you read the rest of the post.


Wow, before when I did this, it was having so much trouble with italics and bold, so I just had to redo the whole post. Now, back to the point-- have you played it yet? I don't believe you.

Still don't believe you!

*Plugs fingers in ears* Na, na, na, na, na!

Okay, I think I'll believe you now, and if you haven't played it, well, I can't trust you. *Wah wah!*

Okay, this probably isn't it, but this is a crude way to run. Press "O" and "W" at the same time, wait for the foot to touch the ground completely, and press "Q" and "P". It takes skill just to do that, and it usually doesn't even work. We interrupt this message for a random broadcast, from Annie: I am wearing a fez right now, teehee. Now keep reading! Okaay... well! Try it out, and if you find a better way, please, please, please comment!

Yes, I know, this is random. But this is for, as you can see on top of the trophy, Elizabeth Says Relax.'s The Polyvore Award Show! *cue cheesy game show music* Like it?

Very Randomly,



polyvore fashionista said...

That is so hard! The game, that is. Love your blog BTW.

Annie said...

I know! And thanks!!

AntiBurnBookStardoll said...
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