Saturday, November 15, 2008

What Am I S'pposed to do On A Rainy Day?

What, you wonder, is a turkey doing on this page? Well, my specialty is randomness, isn't it? You'll see soon enough.

Today, we (that is, my parents and I) visited Connecticut for lunch. I had very good plantains =D. Then my parents visited boring Klaff's while I waited in the foyer. Finally, we went to Sports Authority where I got tennis shoes (or plimsolls, as they say in England) and a new winter coat.

Here comes the turkey part. As we were driving home, we past a wild turkey just strutting along on the sidewalk, not unlike the picture to the left. I whipped out my mom's iPhone (okay, it was already out, but you have to give a girl a creative license), but, alas, we were already past the turkey. I at least hope it doesn't get caught in the turkey cookers we saw in the Sports Authority!

Randomly (And Turkily),


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