Monday, April 6, 2009

Hi! Just posting with some big news: I have a boyfriend! We have been dating since April 2. I am very excited. Apparently my friends are also, because they told my math and science teachers! My science teacher even talked to me about it. Awkward!But I'm very happy.

Also, I am currently posting this from Florida. It's 87 and sunny here, while for my friends back home, it's freezing. Haha to them!

I have been spending a lot of time watching E!. So far, I love "Keeping up With the Kardashians." It's so shallow it's hilarious. I also saw a special on plastic surgery. Michael Jackson claims that his change in skin color is natural. Seriously, Michael? We all know it's not.

Well, I know this is pretty short, but that's all there is to say. Peace out!


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