Friday, January 30, 2009

That's How You Know They're A Psychopath.

Okay, so I haven't posted in FOREVER! Sorry about that. So, today was a good day. Why, you ask?
Well, it started this morning when I was choosing my outfit. I picked out an outfit that I liked, had breakfast and jetted off to school. Only then did I remember this outfit had a hood. And that the hood is about 3 TIMES THE SIZE OF MY HEAD. So of course, I had five people today who tried to bring it over my eyes. Don't try. It won't work.

Then, we had a sub in Spanish. Which meant we missed a quiz. =D So of course I'm happy about that. But mostly I was happy about what happened after school: free books and pizza at my local bookstore.

Annie came too, and so did her cousin (the Super Blog one) and some friends. It's just a nice get together for some local readers; share stories, learn about new books, eat pizza, socialize and get Advance Review Copies of some books. It was full of laughs.

You're probably wondering why I titled my post, "That's How You Know They're a Psychopath." Well, this is why. One of the girls who was at the Free Books and Pizza thing had read this one book and was talking about a mystery where one student was suspected. She said, "They all suspect one student because he bit a pencil in half when the teacher pointed it at him," and the book store owner was like, "That's how you know they're a psychopath,"

If you don't think that's funny, get a life. =) I'll try to post more often, promise.


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Lavinia said...

o i read that book!