Monday, January 12, 2009

Fluffy pink clay aliens are taking over the world. Got it?


Well, recently all I've been doing is mooching around on my computer, eating muffins, falling rather painfully on my butt and doing homework. Blah. Nothing like Italy. Or, for that matter, Jamaica. My cousin (the one with Sblog the Super Blog) went to Jamaica and all I got was a pencil with dreads and a license plate with my name and Jamaica on it. Blah. Speaking of Italy and Jamaica, Lav, did you find your coat?

I'm sorry to say that the Randomness Awards '08 were called off, due to lack of participation from our viewers. Guys, I must say I'm disappointed in you. We might do it later in the year, and then, guys, could you please give some ideas? Lav, Bri and I can't do everything. And anybody who reads this blog, could you comment on this post and say that you read it, and whether you like it or not? Please be honest. I'd like to know if I'm not hollering my random ramblings into space. "Hey, Mars, do you read me?" We'd also appreciate if you gave us some suggestions :]

I'm thinking about adding a new feature-- where you can become a guest blogger and write a post. I think it'll be really interesting. Anyway, remind me to develop that.

And here's our next Wrandom Word of Whenever!:

protuberance: bulging, projecting

Related Words: protuberate, protrusion, obtrusion, jutting




BB said...

I read this! :D

Lavinia said...

No,I did not find my coat.